• Acknowledgements


    The editor-in-chief and the editorial board of the journal would like to thank each of the reviewers who helped us in the proper evaluation of manuscripts during the year 2022 and ask them to continue to support our journal for its growth and continuous improvement.

    Reviewers in 2022

    Abdulkarim Jafar Karim
    Vanner Boere
    Samuel Pecho-Silva
    Mahesh Vasava
    Maria Giovanna Danieli
    Anuj Tewari
    Talha Bin Emran
    Andri Frediansyah
    Galo Guillermo Farfán Cano
    Jan Clyden B. Tenorio
    Tatiana Drummon
    Abdurakhim Toychiev
    Víctor Quesada-Cubo
    Luan Gavião Prado
    Ashwin Pillai
    Marcello Fiorini
    Yessica Pontet
    Furqan Al-Asady
    Hamed Mirzaei
    Alberto Guevara Tirado
    Riddhi Babel
    Gokul Shankar Sabesan
    Dimitra S. Mouliou
    María Solorzano
    Adrian Zaragoza Bastida
    Thomaz Rocha e Silva
    Vicky Panduro-Correa
    Seyi Samson Enitan
    Navid Shafigh
    Oscar Rojo del Moral
    Nagehan Didem Sarı
    Nallely Rivero Perez
    Horacio Lopardo
    Fernando Runzer
    Louisy Sanches dos Santos
    Danielle C H França
    Manoj Kumar
    Roberto Zenteno-Cuevas
    Josías Rios Ortega
    Zaharaddin Muhammad Kalgo
    Jorge Osada
    Enrique Gea-Izquierdo
    Nandkumar Kamat
    Raihana Edros

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  • Call for reviewers


    At MIC, we are looking for suitable peer reviewers willing to contribute to our journal and authors to improve the quality of submitted articles. As part of the journal's editorial committee, you will be asked to evaluate the manuscripts regularly, according to your expertise. We offer you the following survey, where you can provide us with your data, and we will assess your application.


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