Manuscript categories

Microbes, Infection and Chemotherapy publishes manuscripts which result from research projects in the following areas:


They are included at the request of the editor, its content will refer to the articles published in the same issue of the journal, or they deal with topics of interest according to the editorial policy. A maximum of 1500 words and 10 references will be accepted.

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Observational studies, clinical research, articles on pharmacology or microbiology will be accepted, as well as original contributions on aetiology, pathophysiology, pathology, epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment, as well as experimental or field work in all areas of infectious diseases. The maximum length of the text will be 3,000 words. The abstract is not to exceed 250 words, and is to be divided into sections (usually into four paragraphs with the following subheadings: Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions). A number of 3-5 key words and up to 6 figures and / or tables will be accepted. No limits for references.

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In this section we will consider works of research that due to their special characteristics (such as series with reduced number of observations, research works with very specific objectives and results, descriptive epidemiological studies, among others) can be published in a more abbreviated and quick way. These manuscripts must have a maximum length of 1500 words and have no subdivisions in the main text. A maximum of 15 bibliographical references and up to 3 figures and / or tables will be accepted. The abstract should not exceed 150 words or be separated into sections. A number of 3-5 keywords are required.

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The editorial committee will request review articles from researchers with extensive experience in their areas. Authors wishing to submit a review manuscript not requested by the editorial committee, should send a summary of the proposed manuscript that includes the title, and detailed index. Additionally, the summary of the authors' resumes supporting their experience in this field and a letter indicating the need to update the subject should be attached. The editorial committee will review the relevance of each proposal and communicate its decision to the proposing authors. The maximum length will be 6000 words, no limits to bibliographical references, in addition to 10 tables and / or figures.

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In this section we will consider the publication of reports of clinical cases of any pathology, as long as they contain a pedagogical approach and respect the anonymity and modesty of the patient. Each manuscript on clinical cases and clinical series must be accompanied by a letter with the written authorization of the patient(s) or their instructor(s) to publish the clinical data and / or images corresponding to the article. If it is impossible to obtain this documentation, it may be replaced by a letter issued by the head of the hospital where the patient(s) was treated, specifying that the institution supports the publication of the case / clinical series for scientific reasons. These reports are to have the following structure: unstructured summary, keywords, introduction, case report, discussion (where the contribution or teaching of the article is highlighted) and bibliographical references. The maximum length is 150 words in the summary, 1500 words in the content, three figures or tables and fifteen bibliographical references.

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In this section, relevant images will be published related to all aspects of infectious diseases (clinical, endoscopic, radiographic, microbiological, pathological, etc.). It is convenient to use graphic resources (arrows, asterisks, etc.) for highlighting observations. They should have a maximum of 400 words, up to 4 references and the number of authors should not exceed three.

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This section publishes essays that represent opinions or hypotheses of experts, about a specific topic of health or areas associated with health. The maximum length will be 1000 words, and a maximum of 10 bibliographical references will be accepted.

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In this section, the discussion of articles published in the last two issues of the journal and / or the contribution of opinions, observations or experiences that by their characteristics can be summarized in a short text are published. The maximum length will be 700 words. A maximum of 10 bibliographical references will be accepted, and a figure or a table will be admitted. The title must be included and up to 3 keywords.

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