Ethical policy



Articles that include research results involving human beings must follow the ethical principles contained in the Helsinki´s Declaration of the World Medical Association; as well as, comply with specific legislation (when applicable) of the country in which the research was carried out.

Articles that present research results involving human beings must contain a clear affirmation of the above compliance in the body of the article, and must have been approved by an ethics committee in research duly established for that purpose.

In case of reports, each manuscript on clinical cases and clinical series must be accompanied by a letter with the written authorization of the patient(s) or their instructor(s) to publish the clinical data and / or images corresponding to the article. If it is impossible to obtain this documentation, it may be replaced by a letter issued by the head of the hospital where the patient(s) was treated, specifying that the institution supports the publication of the case / clinical series for scientific reasons.

The editors of Microbes, Infection and Chemotherapy, reserve the right to request additional information on the ethical procedures used in the research. The Journal retains the right to reject any manuscript on the basis of unethical conduct in either human or animal studies.


For animal studies, authors should consider international standards for the use of experimental animals, primarily those recommended by the Office of Animal Care and Use of National Institutes of Health ( /uploads/2014/12/Gui%CC%81a-para-el-Cuidado-y-Uso-de-los-Animales-de-Laboratorio.pdf), as well as the guidelines of the participating institution or national laws on the care and use of laboratory animals of the country where the study was carried out.

The animals used must be named in the title, summary, keywords and material and methods. Such experimentation must be thoroughly detailed in the materials and methods section.

If the editors or reviewers believe that these recommendations have not been properly adhered to in the research paper, the manuscript will be immediately rejected.