Hospital microbiota vectored by ants


  • Vitorino Modesto dos Santos Department of Medicine, Armed Forces Hospital and Catholic University, Brasilia-DF, Brazil
  • Lister A. Modesto dos Santos Advanced General Surgery and Oncosurgery of the IAMSPE, São Paulo-SP, Brazil
  • Laura Campos-Modesto Medical student. University Center of Brasilia-DF, Brazil
  • Julia Campos-Modesto Medical student. Catholic University, Brasilia-DF, Brazil



ants, hospital, infection, microbes, symbionts


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How to Cite

Modesto dos Santos, V., Modesto dos Santos, L. A., Campos-Modesto, L., & Campos-Modesto, J. (2021). Hospital microbiota vectored by ants. Microbes, Infection and Chemotherapy, 1, e1199.




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